Letter of Intent (LOI)


All applicants must file a Letter of Intent (LOI) per the instructions below before submitting a full proposal.

The LOI is designed to save the applicant time by not filing an off-target Full Proposal.

Instructions for the Letter of Intent and the Full Proposal may be downloaded. LOI instructions follow.



As explained in the 5-Year Action Plan, agricultural appropriations budgeting is dynamic in which funding can vary from year to year. NPMTI operates under the auspices of the USDA-ARS, which administers appropriated funds, generally consistent with the recommendations of the NPMTI Executive Committee (EC). Given that most research conducted by NPMTI scientists are for multi-year projects, funding priority is given to ensure continuation of that research, as long as research benchmarks and activities (as reported in annual reports to the USDA-ARS) are consistent with the goals of NPMTI. New research will be prioritized by the RAC (Research Area Committee), or in the case of new crops and diseases, prioritized by the NPMTI Executive Committee (EC), which is comprised of all stakeholders in the NPMTI. Prioritized research proposals are forwarded by the EC to the USDA-ARS as recommendations.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone receiving funds from NPMTI will be expected to share data to help with the overall development of the suite of predictive modeling tools.


Important Dates and Deadlines for Submission of Proposals:

October 22, 2021:
Deadline for submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI)

November 30, 2021:
Deadline for Body of Full Proposal

December 10, 2021:
Deadline for submission of documents supporting the Full Proposal

National Predictive Modeling Tool Initiative (NPMTI)

Letter of Intent Instructions

INTRODUCTION – The National Predictive Modeling Tool Initiative (NPMTI), which operates under the auspices of the USDA-ARS, is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to support NPMTI goals in FY2022.

Those interested in submitting a proposal are required to complete the LOI process to help applicants understand the objectives of NPMTI so that time isn’t spent on developing an off-target Full Proposal that doesn’t meet the needs of NPMTI and therefore won’t be considered for funding.

NPMTI is a multi-year and multi-crop program that aims to develop modeling tools to predict diseases and mycotoxins affecting U.S. row crops to better inform management decisions. The overall goals of the NPMTI are to:

1) Ensure crop sustainability and crop quality.

2) Provide climate change resilience.

3) Improve soil health.

4) Monitor pathogens and microbial diversity in the environment, including, but not limited to crop residues, soils, and air.

5) Improve disease management thereby reducing yield losses.

6) Increase precision of in-season disease management tactics; and

7) Increase precision of pesticide use.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone receiving funds from NPMTI will be expected to share data to help with the overall development of the suite of predictive modeling tools.

2021/10/22 22:58:59


The LOI should be formatted using Times New Roman, 12 point or higher, black colored font with one-inch margins. All items in the LOI should be gathered by the PI and submitted together as a single editable MS Word file.

The entire LOI entry should be no longer than 3 pages, including budget and budget justification.

Submit LOI by October 22, 2021, to administrator@AgPMT.org with the subject line: NPMTI Letter of Intent.

The LOI review should take about two weeks.

Please answer the following Letter of Intent questions: ( for printable form)

  1. Name of PI: _________________________ Affiliation: __________________________
  2. Title of PI: __________________________ Email: ______________________________
  3. Office phone: ________________________ Mobile number: ______________________
  4. TITLE OF PROPOSED PROJECT: __________________________________________
  5. Project Summary – in 250 words or less, outline: a. project goals; b. project objectives; c. how project will be completed in the proposed period; and d. how outcomes will benefit stakeholders/end users.
  6. Has the PI received previous NPMTI funding? ____No; ____Yes (if Yes, go to #11).
  7. Project Duration: _____ 1 Year; ____ 2 years; Projected end date ___________________
  8. Project Plan of Work – in 400 words or less outline: a. description of experimental methods and procedures; b. any scholarly work that is related to and supports the proposed research; c. identify gaps in the knowledge base that the proposal is trying to fill; and d. state the relevance of the project to the goals of the NPMTI and how this project will support the highly collaborative nature of the NPMTI.
  9. Collaboration – Will this proposed project rely on collaborators? ____NO ____YES (If yes, briefly describe – 100 words or less).
  10. Project Budget Estimate – Provide a budget outlining the funds needed to perform the described work. Any funds requested for collaborators should be included in the totals. Include a budget justification (1-2 paragraphs) to help explain the budget estimate.
  11. Other Funding – Will this proposed project rely on matching funds, or other sources of income? ______ NO ______ YES. If yes, provide a list of any current and pending support in a tabular format that includes PIs, Supporting Agency, Total Amount, Effective and Expiration Dates, Titles and Main Objectives of each project(s).

Thank you for your submittal to the National Predictive Modeling Tool Initiative.

Review of your letter of intent should take about two weeks.

Download the LOI.